Available 4th DECEMBER 2018

A unique indie VR experience from Dream Reality Interactive and Rebellion

  • Playstation VR
  • Oculus
  • Steam VR
  • Viveport
"Arca's Path is the perfect marriage of visuals, audio and intuitive gameplay" The Express
“An oasis of calm” The Telegraph
Available 4th December 2018 on Oculus Rift, Oculus GO, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Focus, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR, and Windows Microsoft Mixed Reality.

Press Reaction

“With its smart visual language and surprisingly precise control, it is an intuitive ride”
The Telegraph
“An antidote to the noise and tension in today's world”
Daily Star
“Arca's Path is the perfect marriage of visuals, audio and intuitive gameplay”
The Express

“one of the most comfortable and relaxing experiences I’ve ever tried in a VR headset”
“A game anyone can play”
“Arca’s Path Is a Breath of Fresh Air for VR”
The Gaming Outsider
“bright inviting graphics and a beautiful world”

Press Kit

Want to write or create content about Arca's Path? Get in touch at: press@rebellion.co.uk

You can also download press assets for Arca's Path using the button below. We’re more than happy for you to use assets for video content. All we ask is that the content is focused on the game itself (or includes the game as part of a wider piece) and that it features no illegal or offensive material. Want to check? Just get in touch!

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